ipconfig /flushdns


This could happen If your LapTop was on a local network that also hosted the site and used an internal DNS server.


When you moved the laptop to another network it still has the old Resolver Cache. After so many attempts the Resolver Cache checks for a new version of the site (That's what happened on KStates).




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I had a bizarre experience over the weekend. We hosted a conference out in BFE (Valley Falls) and took 10 laptops, networked them and connected them to the buildings internet connection which was an ISDN line. While there was noticible slow down in people surfing the web, what was really fustrating was you could not go to our organizations website. It flat refused to load. It would say web site found and the progress bar would get started but then it would just sit there. We could go pretty much everywhere else (KStates was not loading for a while but we coaxed that one into action with much waiting) but our site. One of the presentations focused on how to use our site so I finally got around it by remote desktoping into our server and looking at the site from there but once i had done that the site would load fast as anything looking at it just on the laptop (as opposed to looking at the laptop looking at the server). But it only worked on THAT laptop. All the others were still refusing to load. I had no clue what that was all about and all three of us were scratching our head. Anybody have any ideas on how I could have gone about "fixing" that?


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