Hi Chris,

One time zone label (Z for UT) is valid in 8601.

In SeaDataNet we took the decision some 10 years back to 'profile' ISO8601 by 
disallowing any character to the right of the seconds and defining the result 
as UT. The reason this was done was to prevent data delivery in local time with 
embedded corrections thereby simplify application development. In retrospect it 
would have been better to mandate a 'Z', but hindsight is a wonderful thing and 
this practice is now encoded in millions of physical files and so difficult to 

Cheers, Roy.

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Can we recommend the use of ISO-compatible date strings, with
the caveat that time zone should always be included?

Yes, we really should do that (though it's an offset that is specified, not a 
time zone)

It's unfortunate that ISO defaults to local  time, and that seems to be

yup :-(

This is what we use in the OceanSITES implementation of CF. Obviously,
it won't solve everyone's needs,

I'm trying to see whos needs it wouldn't suit folks may well want local time, 
rather than UTC, but having it be unspecified does no one any good.

and specifying times in "true" local time, with DST baked in is simply a 
nightmare for everyone --- it really, really should be discouraged!



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