Dear Heiko
> the CF-convention document, both the draft 1.7 and the current 1.6
> version have several links to the NUG, e.g.
> . This page
> no longer exists and has moved to
> There are no longer numbered chapters, so 'see chapter 5 of the NUG' no
> longer works. (that is, I guess, now:
> The CF-convention references appendix B and C in the NUG, while the
> current NUG only has appendix A and B. (I guess NUG dropped the old
> appendix A)

Many thanks for noticing this. It would be very helpful if you could open a
new trac defect ticket to record what you have
said below, so it does not get forgotten.

> In addition, the CF-convention refers to default _FillValues in the NUG,
> which the NUG mentions, but never says what they are. I think this
> should be copied from the netcdf.h include file to the CF-convention page.

I'd be nervous about duplicating information which is kept elsewhere and might

Best wishes

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