Dear Jonathan,

Yes, it should be 0C, not 0K.

I don't think the approach you suggest will work because what we need is the 
depth of the first 0C isotherm assuming surface temperature above 0C. We don't 
want the depth of the 0C isotherm in regions where the surface temperature is < 
0C. I can't see any way to include these conditions in existing CF attributes, 
can you?



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Subject: [CF-metadata] Standard names for LS3MIP: 8 temporal changes + 1 
feature depth

Dear Martin

All the change_over_time ones look fine to me, thanks.

> 2.1 dmlt    Depth to soil thaw [m] (CliC)
> Depth from surface to the zero degree isotherm. Above this isotherm T > 0o, 
> and below this line T < 0o.
> When the surface temperature is above 0K and there is frozen soil at some 
> point beneath the surface, thawed_soil_depth is the distance from the surface 
> to the first 0K isotherm. When there is no thawed soil layer, the parameter 
> should be reported as missing.
> + Proposed: thawed_soil_depth

Could we use the standard_name of depth for this, with a coordinate
variable of soil_temperature=0degC?
(I think 0degC is intended above, not absolute zero)

Best wishes

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