> Are there known efforts or interest to develop some WKT-to-grid_mapping 
> translation modules?

I brought this up in the past: https://github.com/OSGeo/PROJ/issues/1193. 
However, I think it would require more interest in the community and/or funding 
to make it happen.

I have a basic implementation based on the [PROJ strings 
 in `pyproj`:
- https://pyproj4.github.io/pyproj/stable/api/crs.html#pyproj.crs.CRS.from_cf
- https://pyproj4.github.io/pyproj/stable/api/crs.html#pyproj.crs.CRS.to_cf

However, the mapping back and forth is imperfect and misses quite a bit. I have 
plans to update grid mappings based on WKT as that will allow a more complete 
mapping. PROJ string mappings code 

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