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For some context here, I was doing some digging as Heyward Fann is looking at 
hooking up our existing syntax highlighting to coc.nvim, and he and Jack Guo 
(of jackguo380/vim-lsp-cxx-highlight) were asking about the protocol.

The new LSP protocol looks really solid, including better incremental highlight 
support than the Theia proposal, though this patch doesn't implement 
incremental yet. (In particular, no sending thousands of re-highlights when 
inserting a new line). It's also request-response rather than 
notification-based, which is easier to implement on the server side. Also the 
VSCode client-side of our highlighting feels like significant technical debt we 
could be rid of.

So I think we should try to support the new LSP and drop the older Theia one 
ASAP (clangd 12?), even if semantic highlighting isn't a really high priority 
for us.

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