Xiangling_L added inline comments.

Comment at: clang/lib/CodeGen/TargetInfo.cpp:4317
+  if (isAggregateTypeForABI(RetTy))
+    return getNaturalAlignIndirect(RetTy);
jasonliu wrote:
> Xiangling_L wrote:
> > This method uses the ABI alignment of the given aggregate type which I 
> > think is not ideal due to our AIX special alignment rule. We need to use 
> > preferred alignment in this case.
> > Btw also I think it's not necessary for you to rebase your patch on the 
> > power alignment patch, I can refresh the testcase when I am dealing with 
> > that one.
> As it is right now in master, there is no difference between natural 
> alignment and preferred alignment for AIX. The tentative direction is to use 
> preferred alignment to record the actual alignment on AIX, but it is not 
> finalized yet. I would rather leave this part of the work for the patch 
> that's going to implement the power alignment rule for AIX.
`getNaturalAlignIndirect` uses ABI align which is for sure not correct on AIX 
target for Aggregate types. What we want is the actual alignment here.

So I am not sure if we want to take `getNaturalAlignIndirect` for granted even 
if we know it's not correct semantically.

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