cor3ntin added inline comments.

Comment at: clang/test/Parser/cxx-template-template-recovery.cpp:27
+static_assert(test<a::C1>); //expected-error {{too few template arguments for 
concept 'C1'}}
+static_assert(test<a::b::C2>); //expected-error {{too few template arguments 
for concept 'C2'}}
erichkeane wrote:
> So it appears that lines 27 and 28 are the only behavioral changes here, 
> right?  The line 31 and 37 sections are the same, right?
> 1 Nit here: I REALLY prefer when we use bookmarks, and include the notes next 
> to their diagnostic.  Here it isn't hugely necessary, but still a preference 
> if you're needing to update this again.
Yes - but 38/39 would produce different diagnostics without the changes in 
`ParseDecl.cpp` So i thought it best to test everything.
Gotcha on the bookmarks - never used them before though :)

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