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In https://reviews.llvm.org/D24693#549095, @majnemer wrote:

> This doesn't sound right.  Given the example in the description, we are 
> accessing the memory location after end has been called: this seems like a 
> real miscompile.  It would appear unsafe to only do this for asan.

My impression was that this wasn't a miscompile, but I'm not so sure now. Do 
you have a concrete example where any of the optimization passes miscompile the 
code like that shown in PR28267 because of missing or misplaced lifetime 
intrinsics? I spent some time looking at how StackColoring (which is the 
primary user of this intrinsic) transforms the code in PR28267, and it didn't 
look like this would cause any miscompile (it seemed like it was able to 
compute the lifetime interval for %tmp correctly). I'm not sure whether other 
optimization passes are handling it correctly though.


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