zygoloid wrote:

> @zygoloid Is reusing the message for regular stores clear (current behavior) 
> enough?
> ```
> // CHECK-MEMCPY-STORE: misaligned.cpp:[[#@LINE+4]]{{(:12)?}}: runtime error: 
> store to misaligned address [[PTR:0x[0-9a-f]*]] for type 'int *', which 
> requires 4 byte alignment
> ```

I predict we'll get a bug report saying "I didn't do a store, I used `memcpy`, 
which is specified as doing a byte-by-byte copy". But given that improving this 
would require adding a new entry point into the runtime library, and we don't 
know how common or rare this situation will be, I think it's probably OK to 
wait until someone complains.

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