diseraluca wrote:

> > @vgvassilev If that is an acceptable interface for the LLVM interface then, 
> > yes, it would be perfect from our side, and I'm more than happy to update 
> > the PR in the next few days.
> > Just to be sure that I understood your proposal.
> > `getFullyQualified*` calls will accept a new parameter, a callable, that 
> > will be passed down the call chain up to 
> > `createNestedNameSpecifierForScopeOf(const ASTContext &, const Decl *, 
> > ...)` and will be called when the teplate case is encountered? Or are you 
> > thinking more of a callable that replaces the call to 
> > `createNestedNameSpecifierForScopeOf(const ASTContext &, const Decl *, 
> > ...)`?
> I hesitate. Maybe we can pass a custom "policy" option and incorporate your 
> code in there... We reiterate if the solution does not look good?

>From our point of view any solution is acceptable. But do note that  from our 
>side it is not so much about incorporating custom code as much as removing 
>that specific behavior at this point in time.

Could you expand about the policy? Are you talking about a "printing policy" or 
a custom policy for `getFullyQualified`?

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