mjklemm wrote:

> I think this solution is fine, at least in the short term.
> I had a think after reviewing the initial patch and looking at the failure 
> that @tblah showed in #73124; my thoughts are that the “correct” way of doing 
> this would be instead of linking Fortran_main all the time, we could insert a 
> linker directive in the object file containing the program statement. That 
> way we would only link Fortran_main when there is actually a program 
> statement in the Fortran. However that’s more work and would need a bit more 
> thought anyway so we at least need something like this or the revert in the 
> interim.

That sounds good!  For now, the code should effectively avoid linking 
Fortran_main on Linux and Windows if -fno-fortran-main is present.

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