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In, @akyrtzi wrote:

> What if the user just wants to invoke the block, this is as common or more, 
> like:
> `self.onEventHandler(10)`
> The assign literal completion is useful but it should be an additional entry 
> (with maybe lower priority) not replace the property completion.
>  BTW, it would be great if we had completion as if it was a function call, so 
> 2 entries, 1 for block invocation and 1 for assigning literal. Absence the 
> block invocation call it should be 1 for normal property completion and 1 for 
> assigning literal.

You're right, I forgot about the most common use of block properties. I will 
update the patch today.

It makes sense to complete block invocation as well, but that has to be done in 
a separate patch. I suppose that completion for block invocations should be 
provided for normal sub expressions as well then.


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