mclow.lists added a comment.

I like the fix. :-)

However, I think that the test, rather than going in a bug specific file 
(pr21597.pass.cpp), should be added to the existing tests - where it should 
have been in the first place.  (If this test had been there in the first place, 
we would have realized that this feature didn't work)

Also, putting the test in as 
`test/std/re/re.const/re.matchflag/match_not_null.pass.cpp` might cause someone 
to look at the contents of that directory and say "Crap! We're missing tests 
for `match_not_bow`, `match_not_eow`, `match_any`, `match_continuous` and 
`match_prev_avail` as well" (and probably others).

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