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In https://reviews.llvm.org/D25595#571171, @mclow.lists wrote:

> I like the fix. :-)
> However, I think that the test, rather than going in a bug specific file 
> (pr21597.pass.cpp), should be added to the existing tests - where it should 
> have been in the first place.  (If this test had been there in the first 
> place, we would have realized that this feature didn't work)


> Also, putting the test in as 
> `test/std/re/re.const/re.matchflag/match_not_null.pass.cpp` might cause 
> someone to look at the contents of that directory and say "Crap! We're 
> missing tests for `match_not_bow`, `match_not_eow`, `match_any`, 
> `match_continuous` and `match_prev_avail` as well" (and probably others).

Making people realize the fact that we don't have tests for `match_not_bow`, 
etc. isn't bad, is it? Hopefully it motivates people to add tests. So I'll move 
the file to `re.const/re.matchflag/match_not_null.pass.cpp` for now.

BTW, `re.const/re.matchflag/match_flag_type.pass.cpp` contains match_not_bow, 
but it doesn't actually test the functionality.


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