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In https://reviews.llvm.org/D24799#566507, @rSerge wrote:

> I have extended this feature to check for OS support too (currently Linux 
> only). I can't commit it so far because I don't know how to implement a test. 
> XFAIL cannot check for both CPU and OS: it can only check for one of them. I 
> tried to implement 2 tests instead like these:
>  Test 1:
>   // RUN: not %clang -v -fxray-instrument -c %s
>    // XFAIL: Linux
>    // REQUIRES-ANY: amd64-, x86_64, x86_64h, arm
>    typedef int a;
> Test 2:
>   // RUN: not %clang -v -fxray-instrument -c %s
>    // XFAIL: amd64-, x86_64, x86_64h, arm
>    // REQUIRES: Linux
>    typedef int a;
> However the problem with REQUIRES / REQUIRES-ANY is that they only check in 
> LIT features, but not in the target triple. So everything becomes unsupported.
> Does anyone have any ideas on how to implement the tests for Clang checking 
> for both OS and CPU? I have 2 options in mind:
> 1. extend LIT, putting OS and CPU into the feature list

This should be configurable in the various `lit.site.cfg` files for Clang. I 
suspect though that just relying on the `REQUIRES` exclusively should work -- 
i.e. define a list of features that you actually require.


> 2. implement the test via GTest, rather than LIT

Probably won't work since this is a test of the compiler, unless you had 
something more specific?


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