rSerge added a comment.

@dberris , below is the list of features supported by `REQUIRES` and 
`REQUIRES-ANY` for me:

  set(['system-windows', 'nozlib', u'amdgpu-registered-target', 
'case-insensitive-filesystem', u'msp430-registered-target', 
u'sparc-registered-target', 'libgcc', 'staticanalyzer', 'native', 
u'powerpc-registered-target', 'non-ps4-sdk', 'clang-driver', 'backtrace', 
'crash-recovery', u'bpf-registered-target', u'hexagon-registered-target', 
'not_ubsan', u'x86-registered-target', u'aarch64-registered-target', 
u'arm-registered-target', 'not_asan', u'nvptx-registered-target', 
u'mips-registered-target', u'systemz-registered-target', 
u'lanai-registered-target', u'xcore-registered-target'])

So there is `system-windows`, however, there is no target CPU among the 
features. I understand that the features with `-registered-target` suffixes 
mean the targets supported with the current Clang build.
I am not submitting the tests because they do not work for the above reason. I 
also had to remove the old test because the new code checks the OS, but not 
only the CPU.

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