gtbercea added a comment.

Hi Alex,

I have no idea what the errors you mention are. I worked until very late last 
night to fix the previous error with the compute capability. Maybe fixing that 
unlocked some other errors.

I would need a lot of help to figure out what's going on since I probably can't 
reproduce them locally. At the moment the turnaround time for getting feedback 
for these errors is way too long since I have to wait for the entire test suite 
to run every time I push something. Could you run everything you reverted 
locally and check what each failing compile line produces please? Being able to 
see the output is the first line of attack. I would also need to know what GPUs 
you have on the test systems that fail: which compute capability they support, 
what CUDA version you have installed if any etc.

I am extremely pressed for time so I need to land these patches as soon as 
possible - today at the latest.

Thanks a lot for your help,



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