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In https://reviews.llvm.org/D29660#838150, @gtbercea wrote:

> First of all, I apologize if I've upset you with my previous post. I am 
> actively working on understanding what is causing these issues. It is not my 
> intention to write tests that work on local configurations only. I am upset 
> to see that these tests keep failing for your and maybe other configurations. 
> Without knowing the actual reason of the failures I can only speculate what 
> is going wrong with them hence the flurry of changes.

Should we have a mock CUDA installation directory in the test directory? We 
have a bunch of these in test/Driver/Inputs for various other things. When we 
could point these tests at that directory (or directories if we have different 
mocks for different CUDA versions) and remove any dependence on local CUDA 



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