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> > The failures were very widespread, e.g. there's a linux buildbot that was 
> > red until the revert: 
> > If you have access to a linux machine you should be able to reproduce the 
> > failures that the bot experienced by using the same cmake arguments (I 
> > don't know the exact ones, but judging from the bot you should be able to 
> > reproduce them using 32 bit release build with assertions enabled). I don't 
> > know what GPU that buildbot has.
> Thanks Alex, I will try to reproduce it locally.
> > I'll try to get the detailed test output for my local machine today as well.
> Oh that would be great! Thanks a lot! :)

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> >
> > > First of all, I apologize if I've upset you with my previous post. I am 
> > > actively working on understanding what is causing these issues. It is not 
> > > my intention to write tests that work on local configurations only. I am 
> > > upset to see that these tests keep failing for your and maybe other 
> > > configurations. Without knowing the actual reason of the failures I can 
> > > only speculate what is going wrong with them hence the flurry of changes.
> >
> >
> > Thank you, apology accepted. That was exactly my point, not to start a 
> > fight, but to emphasize that depending on local configuration is never 
> > going to work, you will never be able to see and test all of them. Please 
> > disable the test ASAP and until the better way to handle it is determined.
> I have disabled all the offloading tests apart from the ones that pertain to 
> the patch previous to the one introducing Cubin integration into host bin.
>  Please let me know if you see any more failures on your side. If you do feel 
> free to revert all the patches up to and including: 
> 310625

Our bots still fai after this changel:


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