Author: eugenis
Date: Fri Feb  2 17:06:21 2018
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[hwasan] Add a paragraph on stack instrumentation.

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Modified: cfe/trunk/docs/HardwareAssistedAddressSanitizerDesign.rst
--- cfe/trunk/docs/HardwareAssistedAddressSanitizerDesign.rst (original)
+++ cfe/trunk/docs/HardwareAssistedAddressSanitizerDesign.rst Fri Feb  2 
17:06:21 2018
@@ -77,11 +77,18 @@ This can be based on any malloc that for
-Special compiler instrumentation is required to align the local variables
-by N, tag the memory and the pointers.
+Stack frames are instrumented by aligning all non-promotable allocas
+by `N` and tagging stack memory in function prologue and epilogue.
+Tags for different allocas in one function are **not** generated
+independently; doing that in a function with `M` allocas would require
+maintaining `M` live stack pointers, significantly increasing register
+pressure. Instead we generate a single base tag value in the prologue,
+and build the tag for alloca number `M` as `ReTag(BaseTag, M)`, where
+ReTag can be as simple as exclusive-or with constant `M`.
 Stack instrumentation is expected to be a major source of overhead,
 but could be optional.
-TODO: details.

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