hokein added inline comments.

Comment at: clang-move/ClangMove.cpp:526
       unless(usingDirectiveDecl()), // using namespace decl.
+      notInMacro(),
ioeric wrote:
> I'd probably relax the condition a bit; theoretically tools would be able to 
> handle entire identifiers that are either spelled in macro or passed in by 
> users. But it's probably rare. Might worth a `FIXME` though?
This mainly affects the dump behavior. Moving symbols spelled in macro is 
tricky, and we can't guarantee always doing right thing. Actually, clang-move 
supports it partially. For the test case of this patch, if you move the `Foo` 
(names=`Foo`), clang-move will move the expansion macro (`DEFINE_Foo;`), 
although `Foo` is not dumped.

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