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> > > Please update the warning info to indicate that prefix 'k' is not the 
> > > only option for constants. Something like:
> > >  "const global variable '%0' must have an appropriate prefix or a name 
> > > which starts with 'k[A-Z]'"
> >
> >
> > Is the latest warning info satisfactory? I believe I updated it after 
> > adding you as a reviewer.
> Hmm I feel it is a bit unfriendly to show users a rather complicated regex in 
> the info, but I will leave it to you. Not a big problem.

At a glance this seems unconventional but could we have the warning link to the 
Google Objective-C style guide for guidance on an appropriate prefix? Is that 
allowed for diagnostic messages? I can revert if that is considered 

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