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In https://reviews.llvm.org/D43700#1018042, @colden wrote:

> Seems good to me! I'll give it a test on my end.
> One alternate implementation idea though, what if you defaulted EmitCodeView 
> to the hasArg check instead of false, then removed the `else *EmitCodeView = 
> false;` block on line 4999?

That would actually change the behavior of the cl driver, which I kind of don't 
want to do since it's not necessary.  It would whitelist an additional clang 
option to be recognized by the cl driver.  Specifically, you could then get 
debug info via the cl driver without specifying /Z7 or /Zi.  It makes the 
possibilities more confusing, and someone will invariably try to do it and 
screw something up.  We already whitelist some dash options so that the cl 
driver will recognize them, but it's on a case by case basis and only when 
there's a strong need for it.


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