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In https://reviews.llvm.org/D43248#1035466, @aaron.ballman wrote:

> It seems like there are some other changes than just the serialize and 
> deserialize that I'm not opposed to, but am wondering why they're needed. It 
> seems some functions are now `getFoo()` calls

These were originally named getFoo, and my previous patch changed them to foo.  
I believe I did that to make ParamIdxArgument accessors more like 
VariadicParamIdxArgument accessors (which inherits accessors from 
VariadicArgument), but I probably shouldn't have done that.  In any case, this 
new revision implements ParamIdxArgument using SimpleArgument, and that names 
accessors like getFoo.

> and it seems like some declarations moved around. Are those intended as part 
> of this patch?

Are you referring to the changes in SemaDeclAttr.cpp?  Those changes are needed 
because the ParamIdx constructor now asserts that Idx is one-origin, but that 
requires validating that it's actually one-origin beforehand.  Sorry, I 
should've mentioned the new asserts.


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