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Comment at: test/Sema/attr-print.cpp:3
+// This file is also used as input for %S/../Frontend/ast-attr.cpp.
echristo wrote:
> Relatedly I don't think we use files as input files to other directories and 
> I don't think we should really. What are you trying to test here? This breaks 
> the hermeticness of each particular test directory.
Grep for "%S/.." and you'll see that a few other tests do something like this 
as well.

In test/Sema/attr-print.cpp, I am testing printing of attributes.  I chose to 
put that there because of the existing attr-print.c there.

In test/Frontend/ast-attr.cpp, I am testing serialization of attributes.  I 
chose to put that there because I see other -emit-ast tests there and because, 
if I put it in test/Sema instead, I get the complaint "Do not use the driver in 
Sema tests".

The same C++ code makes sense in both of these, but replicating it in two files 
would worsen maintainability.

I could try to  combine into one file in, say, tests/Misc if that works.

I have no strong opinions on where these live.  Just for my own education, is 
something real breaking right now because of their current locations?


  rC Clang


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