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Comment at: lib/Driver/ToolChains/Gnu.cpp:2303
+              std::pair<StringRef, StringRef> GentooLibs = ConfLine.split(':');
+              GentooScanPaths.push_back(GentooLibs.first.str());
+              if (!GentooLibs.second.empty()) {
mgorny wrote:
> Here you seem to assume that there would be at most 2 paths. That's a wrong 
> assumption — there are triple-ABI targets (e.g. amd64 with x32 variant), and 
> there is no reason prohibiting more LDPATHs. So please use the 'full' split, 
> and iterate over all paths.
I had forgotten about x32. Splitting to get all paths is the right thing to do 

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