mgorny added a comment.

Thanks. Besides that one tiny nit, looks good at a first glance. I'll test it 
tomorrow or the next day (but only for the most basic use, sorry).

However, I do not feel confident enough with Clang code to ack change this 
large on my own. So let's wait for @chandlerc to take a second look, or maybe 
try to add more reviewers.

Comment at: lib/Driver/ToolChains/Gnu.cpp:2300
+            ConfLine = ConfLine.trim();
+            if (ConfLine.consume_front("LDPATH=\"") &&
+                ConfLine.consume_back("\"")) {
mgorny wrote:
> This probably doesn't harm but I'd prefer if quotes weren't considered an 
> obligatory part of the string. I'd rather grab it by `LDPATH=` and strip 
> quotes afterwards if present on both sides. But I won't insist on this.
Well, I meant stripping them if **both** are present. However, this is not a 

  rC Clang

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