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Comment at: include/clang/AST/NonTrivialCStructTypeVisitor.h:30
+    if (asDerived().getContext().getAsArrayType(FT))
+      return asDerived().visitArray(DK, FT, std::forward<Ts>(Args)...);
ahatanak wrote:
> rjmccall wrote:
> > Should you have this pass the array type down?  And is it really important 
> > to do this in the generic visitor?  It seems like something you could do in 
> > an IRGen subclass.
> The subclasses in CGNonTrivialStruct.cpp need the size and the element type 
> of the array to be passed to visitArray, so I think we have to pass the array 
> type to visitArray. I guess it's possible to move this to the subclasses, but 
> then the visit methods in the subclasses have to check whether the type is an 
> array or not. I think we had a discussion on how arrays should be handled in 
> this review: https://reviews.llvm.org/D41228.
> But perhaps you have a better idea in mind?
Well, you could "override" the visit method in the subclass, e.g.:

  template <class Derived, class RetTy = void>
  class CGDestructedTypeVisitor : public DestructedTypeVisitor<Derived, RetTy> {
    using super = DestructedTypeVisitor<Derived, RetTy>;

    using super::asDerived;
    using super::visit;

    template <class... Ts>
    RetTy visit(QualType::DestructionKind DK, QualType FT, Ts &&... Args) {
      if (asDerived().getContext().getAsArrayType(FT))
        return asDerived().visitArray(DK, FT, std::forward<Ts>(Args)...);

      return super::visit(DK, FT, std::forward<Ts>(Args)...);

It's a bit more boilerplate, but I really feel like the array logic doesn't 
belong in the generic visitor.

About the array type: I wasn't trying to suggest that you should pass the 
element type to visitArray, I was suggesting you could just pass the array type 
as an `ArrayType*`, since that's what `visitArray` actually wants.

  rC Clang


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