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> Identical to what?  `__builtin_va_start` and `__builtin_va_end` specifically 
> are weird because they're builtins which have a signature which can't be 
> expressed in C.  vprintf doesn't have that problem.
> Builtins.def makes the relevant distinction already: a "BUILTIN" is a 
> reserved identifier the user isn't allowed to redeclare, and a "LIBBUILTIN" 
> is a library function which the compiler has special knowledge of.

In the context of this patch, vprintf is handled using the exact same 
code-paths.  SO, it'll have its 2nd parameter created with type 'char*&', which 
can cause the same crash that I observed with overloading va_end.  Currently, 
you ARE permitted to redeclare a BUILTIN (see my 1st test above), but a 
conflicting type is an error.  A LIBBUILTIN is a warning to have a conflicting 

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