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> I'm also often restricted to using printf for debugging so this looks really 
> useful!
> However, before committing this I feel like the test should also verify that 
> the format strings that are generated are sensible.
> Also what should happens when you have enum members in your struct or maybe 
> even C++ pointers to members?

So, for the moment, we are only handling basic types. That said, for the enum 
in C, we will print according to the type of the enum.
In the future versions, I really want to be able to print the name of the enum 
so that the output is more relevent.
Anyway, the rule I followed for the moment is : if I don't recognize the type, 
I print it as an address.

Comment at: test/Sema/builtin-dump-struct.c:42
+  __builtin_dump_struct(&a, goodfunc2);
arichardson wrote:
> I think there should also be a test here that we get an error when the struct 
> contains bitfields instead of crashing/generating nonsense in CodeGen.
Do you really think that I should throw an error just because there is a 
bitfield ?
I was thinking about just accepting the fact that the bitfield outputs are not 
correct but permit the user to pretty print the remaining part of the structure.
What do you think ?

  rC Clang

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