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> So, for the moment, we are only handling basic types. That said, for the enum 
> in C, we will print according to the type of the enum.
>  In the future versions, I really want to be able to print the name of the 
> enum so that the output is more relevent.
>  Anyway, the rule I followed for the moment is : if I don't recognize the 
> type, I print it as an address.

I you just print the address for unrecognized types then that should be fine. 

Comment at: test/Sema/builtin-dump-struct.c:42
+  __builtin_dump_struct(&a, goodfunc2);
paulsemel wrote:
> arichardson wrote:
> > I think there should also be a test here that we get an error when the 
> > struct contains bitfields instead of crashing/generating nonsense in 
> > CodeGen.
> Do you really think that I should throw an error just because there is a 
> bitfield ?
> I was thinking about just accepting the fact that the bitfield outputs are 
> not correct but permit the user to pretty print the remaining part of the 
> structure.
> What do you think ?
I would prefer an error instead of incorrect output since that can result in 
lots of unncessary debug work/false conclusions. But as long as it gets 
fixed/turned into an error before the final 7.0 release I think it shouldn't 

  rC Clang

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