compnerd added a comment.

Snipping bits from `va_defs.h`:

  #elif defined _M_ARM64
      void __cdecl __va_start(va_list*, ...);
      #define __crt_va_start_a(ap,v) ((void)(__va_start(&ap, _ADDRESSOF(v), 
_SLOTSIZEOF(v), __alignof(v), _ADDRESSOF(v))))
  #elif defined _M_X64
      void __cdecl __va_start(va_list* , ...);
      #define __crt_va_start_a(ap, x) ((void)(__va_start(&ap, x)))

This looks like a declaration to me.  Although, this is in system headers, so 
maybe we can ignore it by means of the system header suppression?  The minor 
problem with that is that clang-cl (and the clang driver with the windows 
triple) do not support `-isystem` or `-isysroot` or `--sysroot` arguments.  I 
suppose that as long as we expose the cc1 option (I imagine that clang-cl will 
pass the system paths appropriately), that is one option.

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