Andrew Gianni <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

>  can you suggest a better way to share
> pages and functionality between applications?

This is not a sarcastic response, but it is really what I think about
this situation. Sharing *functionality* should be the province of
vanilla Perl. Perl has a wealth of re-use/sharing mechanisms within
itself, with require and use being the most obvious ones...

It does not matter what one is doing in Perl - functionality re-use
occurs via subroutines and modules. I don't think that CGI/mod_perl
should be any different and for me, it is not. Neither Mason nor tt2
nor CGI::Prototype nor anything else can do a better job than vanilla
Perl at re-using *functionality*.

Now by re-using part of the display output (what you refer to as
"pages") depends critically on what you are doing to render HTML. For
me, as an HTML::Seamstress proponent, it would be a simple matter of
having the HTML somewhere it can be opened and processed and popped
inline in a larger document. But all the dynamic HTML toolkits have
means of re-using page data - tt2 has INCLUDE, WRAPPER (I think those
are right, I dont use tt2), and mason has components.

Terrence Brannon

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