I'm starting to run into situations where I have (or will soon have)
multiple applications that need to occasionally share pages, or at least
some functionality. I was thinking that a good way of doing this would be to
allow the config_class_prefix method (CGI::Prototype::Hidden) return an
array rather than just a scalar. That way, if I was working on project one,
instead of just:

sub config_class_prefix{
    return 'Project1::App';

I'd like to be able to do something like this:

sub config_class_prefix{
    return qw( Project1::App Project2::App );

Then I could call name_to_page or shortname on pages from either project.
Does this sound like a good idea, or can you suggest a better way to share
pages and functionality between applications?



Andrew Gianni
Administrative Computing Services
State University of New York at Buffalo
215 Millard Fillmore Academic Complex
Amherst, NY 14261
(716) 645-3587x7124

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