Fellow CGI::Prototypers:
    I have run into a strange problem when using C::P::Mecha.
My prototype page has a form on it which has an input type of 'file' and the form has an enctype of multipart/form-data.
Now when I upload a file via the web everything works perfectly fine, but when I try to simulate this with C::P::Mecha it seems that I have to hit '^C' to get the submission of the file to complete, otherwise the test script hangs.  Now there are other form submissions that I am doing in my test script that work perfectly with out this intervention.
A couple of thoughts that I have: 
    Maybe (for some odd reason) ^C causes the upload stream to terminate thus finishing off the form submission.
    There might be some other unknown issue with file uploading with mech that I'm unaware of.
Here is some sample code:
$m->field('file_name', '/some/file');
$m->click('upload');   #This is where it hangs
Thank you for your help,
Andrew Potozniak
Administrative Computing
Programming Intern
State University of New York at Buffalo
"All that is visible must grow beyond itself; extend into the realm of the invisible."  (TRON 1982)

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