* Randal L. Schwartz <merlyn@stonehenge.com> [2005-09-02 17:40]:
> And especially if you could organize it something along the
> line of my proposal, or explain to me what isn't good about
> that. No discussion on that after my pitch. :(

I just don’t currently see a way to cleanly implement the design
I want using that approach, so I’ve fallen back to my usual
stance that solving the problem a couple of times over and then
extracting abstractions from code is better than designing in the

Of course I haven’t helped that along either, since I haven’t put
my code anywhere yet…

PS.: merlyn, your mailer is misconfigured. It’s sending UTF-8,
but the headers claim it’s UTF-16BE. The end result is that your
mail literally looked like a bunch of chinese. I was surprised
for a moment…

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