* Randal L. Schwartz <merlyn@stonehenge.com> [2005-08-11 17:20]:
> If you are thinking that the release currently called
> CGI-Prototype should be altered, we can talk about making the
> changes directly there.

Well, kinda; I was hoping to start refactoring ::Hidden into bits
that can be reused in ::PathInfo and others and those which
can’t. ::PathInfo could then be separate or be part of the
distro, but that’s a different issue.

I’d like to know your thoughts on this; see my previous, more
detailed mail.

> Let's settle on the naming first... :)

We need to sort out the structure first; do you agree with my
assessment that the state-to-class mapper can be reused by state
deductors, but vice versa does not work so well?

I used ::Simple for the mapper in ::Hidden which ::PathInfo would
reuse, but I’m not wedded to that name at all.

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