>>>>> "A" == A Pagaltzis <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

A> That used to bug me until I started using CGI::Prototype::Hidden,
A> where the WRAPPER template takes care of this adequately. The
A> variables are all shared between the main template and the
A> wrapper, which includes `self`, so you just can do something like

A>     Content-type: [% self.content_type %]

A> at the top of the wrapper and have a `content_type` method which
A> sets the default in your application class, and then change it
A> for pages which deliver a different type of content.

A> I found responsibilities are actually separated more cleanly this
A> way.

Correct.  Not knowing (really) what would happen when you say
->render, the best thing is to leave the content-type to the renderer,
and if you wanted to push some part of that back to controller
callbacks, the framework is definitely there.

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