>>>>> "Terrence" == Terrence Brannon <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

Terrence> While I'm having my philosophical catharsis, I thought I
Terrence> would mention that CGI::Prototype is actually not a
Terrence> page-based approach to site development. It is an
Terrence> operation-based approach. An operation consists of several
Terrence> phases which are broken down by CGIP nicely. We have model
Terrence> phases and view phases. The view phases create a page based
Terrence> on the requested *operation*.

Terrence> A user requests *operations* - login, add user, view user which are
Terrence> materialized by model actions and feedback on success failure via the
Terrence> view/page. 

Yeah, even though I call them "page objects" in my head, I'm really
thinking of "operations", selected by the dispatcher, with each operation
able to "stay here" to redo a step, or "go somewhere else" to continue
in the interaction.

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