Since I could not beat Darren Duncan to first post, I had to beat him
to first complete app in Rose::DB::Object :). Other technologies were
Data::FormValidator, CGI::Prototype::PathInfo, and HTML::Seamstress.

I have implemented a cgi guestbook using Rose::DB::Object. Play with
it here:

You can look at the Rose-based code here:
   # db setup classes ...

   # The row-class for the entry table

   # The Manager-class for the entry table

   # A class which uses the row and manager to unroll a table
   # A class which uses the row and manager to count a rowset

If you want to get the entire Guestbook app, then install darcs and

  darcs get

The thing I enjoyed about using Rose is that Class::DBI
*requires* that you give the primary key column when creating row
objects. With Rose, I just left it out and it formulated the right
SQL. DBIx::SQLEngine tried to put a NULL for the primary key column
when I left it out and I could not supply either DEFAULT or
nextval('seq_name') to it without it munging it in someway that
DBD::Pg would not accept.

I built the database schema using the excellent Alzabo schema
editor. Here is the schema (all one table of it):

I'm sorry about how ugly the web app is: I'm reading my first book on
css and xhtml right now, so I expect that part to get prettier and
prettier the more I read :)

        Carter's Compass: I know I'm on the right track when,
           by deleting something, I'm adding functionality.

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