I copied the My/App test application from the CGI-Prototype
distribution, and added a app.cgi like:
use strict;
use warnings;
use lib qw( /real/path/here );

use My::App;

Now, directing the browser to the application brings up the welcome
page, and the source of the page seems ok, form, action, fields and
submit-button and all.

But filling out the form and submitting it, only yields the same page.
The only way to get to the thanks-page is to add the parameters into
the url, like http:://localhost/app.cgi?first=john&last=doe   -> then
I get the nice thank-you-page.

I use this under a recent Cygwin installation, Perl 5.8.7, and lighthttpd

I obviously miss something fundamental here, but I can't figure it
out, can anyone point me in the right direction?


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