Hi Terrence, first let me thank you for your time

> There's a fully functioning CGI::Prototype app here:
>     http://www.metaperl.org/Guestbook

I have already looked at it earlier, and it's nice - I really did not
think I had any problems understanding the logic or the relationship
between the files.

> > and added a app.cgi like:
> > But filling out the form and submitting it, only yields the same page.
> What did the FORM action attribute action have?

it has action="http://localhost/test/app.cgi"; as appropriate, and method="post"

Also I forgot to mention that the page source validates (i.e. the form
is closed).

> Yes, I think what you are missing is the concept of dispatch. If you look
> at the activate method in package CGI::Prototype (the easiest way to learn
> CGIP is to look at the source code), it calls dispatch early on in the
> activate method. The default dispatch method looks like this:
>  sub dispatch {
>   my $self = shift;
>   return $self;         # do nothing, stay here
>  }

No, -well dispatch might be a better place than render_enter for what
I know, but the dispatch actually does happen.  The problem seems to
be that when posted, the params are not seen serverside?

app.cgi only uses My/App.pm which extends CGIPH, which defaults to
call welcome.pm

welcome.pm does dispatch using render_enter where control is
transferred to thanks.pm only if both params first and last is
available, but that only happens when I set those params in the url. 
I still don't get why...??


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