I like the idea of a more catchy name.  So much tech envy is actually
catchy-name-envy.  Well so much of *my* tech envy is.

> It could just as well stand for "CGI::Application and its Plugins". :)
> Still, "CAP" is acronym with no pizazz on its own. Maybe there is a
> foundation there, though. We could conqueror an image of a wizard's cap,
> or maybe the captain of a ship.....
> Maybe there is a adjective out there to turn it into a complete name--
> "Fast CAP".... not catchy, I know.

There's "Red Cap" which evokes Canadian beer, linux distros, Grimm fairy
tales, and luggage handlers.  That's pretty close, actually.

Or "madcap", which I like, but might be too pythonesqe.

How about 'capo'?  We could have a musical mafia theme...

On the C::A front, how about Capella or Calypso?  Actually, Capella is
pretty catchy.  Or Cappello, which means hat in Italian, bringing us
back to cap.

On the other hand, we could try variations on 'app' or 'application':
'snap' or 'snappy' or something.

Or maybe a clever retronym:

   * Arcadia (Arcadia is really CGI::Application mumble mumble mumble).
   * Cabana (CGI::Application By A New Acroynym)
   * Orca (Orca is really CGI::Application)
   * Boca (Built On CGI::Application)

But it would be nice to have a name that evokes the spirit of
CGI::Application and its plugins:  flexible, adaptable, minimal: A
technology that gives the user control and choice...


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