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Jacaranda Health is a social enterprise setting up a chain of
maternity clinics and hospitals in East Africa. We're integrating
clinical, business, and technology innovations to make high-quality
care affordable for low-income women.  We have a growing dynamic team,
our first hospital up and running, and a lot of enthusiasm from the
maternal health community about the impact this can make. We're
recruiting a few talented summer associates to help us with important
strategic projects this summer. One of our objectives might be of
interest to some of your club members: we're hoping to pilot a few
exciting technology innovations that will improve quality of care and
help women seek care -- including clinical decision support for
nurses, SMS interactions with patients, medical records, and mobile
payment and savings. Most of the candidates for the business and
public health projects will be graduate students, but for the
technology project we would definitely consider working with talented
undergrads or recent graduates. Feel free to circulate the position,
or share my email address if there are any questions.


Nick Pearson
Jacaranda Health
+254 (0) 716 534 294
US mobile: 206-799-2681
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