Please join us tomorrow for the first Change seminar of the quarter.
Professor Richard Anderson
<> from UW CSE will be
talking about a new project at UW focused on financial access.
*What:* Computing and Financial Services for the Poor

*When:* Tuesday,  March 29, 2016

*Where: *The Allen Center, CSE 203

*Abstract: *
Improving access to financial services has been identified as an important
mechanism for reducing poverty.  While mobile money offers opportunities
for creating new services, and there have been notable successes such as
mPesa in Kenya, uptake in many countries have remained slow.  Challenges
that have been identified include fraud and cyber security, managing
identity, credit scoring, and developing easy to use proximity payment
solutions.  Work is being initiated at University of Washington to
investigate these challenges from a computer science perspective.  This
talk will provide an introduction to the area, and discuss some the
potential research problems at the intersection of Computer Science and the
development of financial services for the poor.
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