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Subject: CfP: Power, Politics and Digital Development – Sept 2016 UK DSA 
Conference panel

Call for Abstracts – “Power, Politics and Digital Development” panel
UK Development Studies Association conference, 12-14 Sep 2016, University of 
Oxford, UK

This is a call for abstracts/presentations on power, politics and digital 
development, with an initial deadline of 25 April 2016.

The panel will cover the broad intersection of power, politics and digital 
development including both directionalities – the impact of power and politics 
on design, diffusion, implementation and outcomes of ICT application; and the 
impact of ICT application on power and politics – and their mutual interaction.

We welcome work anywhere along the spectrum from the micro-exercise of power 
within individual ICT4D initiatives through the politics of national ICT-using 
organisations and institutions to global Internet governance.  Other topics for 
papers might include but are not limited to:
- The organisational politics of ICT4D
- Digital resources as foundations of power in development
- Reproduction and transformation of power and inequality through digital 
- Digital development discourse as a source and reflection of power
- The institutional logics that conflict and contest to shape digital 
- How national and international ICT policies address and express issues of 

The following timeline will be observed:

- 25 April 2016 - prospective presenters to submit a “paper proposal” (title, 
author names & emails, short abstract of <300 characters; long abstract of <250 
words) via the conference online 
Panel details and link to paper proposal online at: 

- 5 May: decision made on paper proposals

- 6 June: conference registration opens (early-bird discounts close 11 July)

- 12-14 September: conference

If you have any queries prior to abstract submission, do please ask: 

Panel Organisers:
- Richard Heeks, Centre for Development 
Informatics<http://www.cdi.manchester.ac.uk/>, GDI, University of Manchester, UK
- Mark Graham, Oxford Internet Institute<http://www.oii.ox.ac.uk/>, University 
of Oxford, UK
- Ben Ramalingam, Institute for Development 
Studies<http://www.ids.ac.uk/team/digital>, University of Sussex, UK


This panel is an initiative of the DSA’s Information, Technology and 
Development study 

General call for papers details at: 

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