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Research Coordinator,  Digital Financial Services

Computer Science & Engineering

University of Washington

As part of a Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF)-funded project in Digital 
Financial Services, the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at 
University of Washington is seeking a Research Coordinator.  The Digital 
Financial Services (DFS) Research Group was formed to investigate technologies 
that will improve the ability of banks and mobile operators to deploy digital 
financial products that reach the poor.  The research group is led by Professor 
Richard Anderson and includes Professors Yoshi Kohno, Franziska Roesner, and 
Kurtis Heimerl in Computer Science & Engineering, and Professor Josh 
Blumenstock in the Information School.

The project aims to develop and deploy technological solutions to specific 
challenges that impede the introductions and wide scale deployment of these 
financial products. Low profitability, lack of client demand, and the outright 
failure of many DFS launches can be traced back to difficult barriers and 
frictions that hinder the business model and scalability of DFS systems.  
Challenges that have been identified include fraud and cyberattacks, network 
failures, the proximity payments user experience, managing identity and 
on-boarding, the lack of analytics for product development and risk scoring, 
agent management, and financial education for end users.

The Research Coordinator will support and coordinate with a group of four 
faculty, graduate and undergraduate students, a postdoctoral fellow, external 
visitors, and departmental fiscal staff.  The group's activities will include 
assessing the usability and security of financial technologies, developing 
tools to support introduction of financial products, managing financial 
services data sets, and conducting technology assessments.  The group will be 
producing a series of research reports in addition to developing prototype 
technologies for field deployment.

The Research Coordinator will be responsible for group coordination, managing 
external partnerships, supporting evaluation studies, creating a communication 
strategy, managing publications, and communications including grant- and 
report-writing.  This position will not be responsible for financial tracking 
or budgets.

Reporting to Professor Richard Anderson, this position will be responsible for 
the following:

Research Group Coordination

*         Provide overall coordination of the research team.  Ensure effective 
and efficient team functioning.

*         Manage team communication, provide regular study updates.

*         Coordinate research team meetings to be held on a regular and 
as-needed basis including coordinating scheduling, creating and carrying out 
agendas, preparing meeting documents, and creating and maintaining related 
meeting documentation.

*         Act as a change agent in developing and implementing process change 
within the research team.

*         Prepare human subjects applications for product testing; responsible 
to ensure that the DFS research program is consistent with ethical standards 
and other regulations.

*         Develop forms, questionnaires, and procedures for collecting and 
summarizing observations and data.


*         Oversee the communications strategy for the group.  Develop and 
implement goals, priorities, and approaches that will showcase the group's work 
and promote the results of the project to provide technological solutions for 
improving the deployment of digital financial products for the poor.

*         Maintain the group's website, update content, write new content, and 
solicit submissions from others.

*         Prepare research reports and progress reports.  Write administrative 
reports for funding agencies, primarily for the Bill and Melinda Gates 
Foundation.  Assist in writing the annual report.

*         Prepare presentations and manuscripts for peer-review publication.

*         Play a major role in preparing grant applications and submissions, 
including literature review, drafting background and methodological content, 
budget justifications, draft of grant figures and tables, completion of grant 
submission forms, and copy editing.

External & Third-Party Relations

*         Act as a liaison between the DFS group, program partners, research 
study sites, funding agencies, and other relevant administrative departments 
and agencies.

*         Maintain communications with external partners.

*         Track research of external researchers and organization that is 
relevant to the group's activities.


*         Bachelor's degree in international development, economics, public 
policy, or related area AND at least  two  years of applicable experience.

*         Excellent verbal and written communication skills; capable of 
producing high-quality written documents.

*         Fluency in English

*         Strong project management skills; demonstrated success managing 
multiple projects.

*         Three months' experience working on a global development project 
while living in a developing country.

*         Ability to effectively bridge communication between technical 
research staff at UW, funding staff at Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and 
third parties.

*         Computer proficiency with intermediate skills or higher in MS Word, 
Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Google docs.


*         Master's degree in international development, economics, public 
policy, or related area.

*         Project experience with mobile banking or microfinance.


The position may involve international travel, possibly one or two 
international trips per year.

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