Please share the note below with anyone you think might be interested. The 
deadline is quite soon but it's a best effort submission.


As part of MobiSys 2016 being held in Singapore from June 23 - June 30 2016, 
there is an accompanying 1st Asian Students Symposium on Emerging Technologies 
or ASSET for short. The full symposium details are at the URL below. Here are 
three key parts of ASSET.

1)      ASSET is designed for students who have had limited research exposure 
at international conference venues. In particular, as part of ASSET, students 
will *get to attend an international research conference*, present their 
research to a panel of experts, and also get to interact with and build their 
peer networks. They will also get to present their work at the demo/poster 
session of the main MobiSys conference itself! And have a *1 page writeup* of 
the demo/poster presentation appear *in the ACM Digital Library* as part of the 
supplementary MobiSys proceedings.

Note: you don't have to be based in Asia or even of Asian ethnicity to attend 
ASSET or to apply for the scholarships below. Everyone is welcome!

2)      To support students, we are offering *full travel and registration 
scholarships* which will cover a large part of the expenses to attend ASSET. 
The scholarship details are at  
and will be awarded on a per-need basis with the majority of the funds planned 
to go to students who have limited other sources of funding and who have never 
attended conferences such as MobiSys before.

We are also offering a limited number of scholarships for junior faculty and 
post-docs who need financial support to attend MobiSys. There are also a few 
US-based student-only scholarships offered by the US National Science 

3)      As part of ASSET, we have lined up world-class researchers to present 
topics of interest to the ASSET attendees. In particular, we have managed to 
convince *3 SIGMOBILE Rock Star* winners, Professor Suman Bannerjee, Profession 
Lin Zhong, and Professor Romit Roy Chowdhury, to present at ASSET.

In addition, Professor Nigel Davies, the steering committee chair of the 
HotMobile workshop has also agreed to present.

Thus, students attending ASSET will have *career changing* opportunities to 
improve their research, build and improve their peer networks, and to interact 
and learn from top researchers from around the world.

To ease the burden of attending, we have planned to provide numerous travel and 
registration grants on a per-need basis.

More details about ASSET (including submission details) are available at

Important Submission Note

To attend ASSET, students will have to submit a 1 to 2 page research proposal, 
in English. The deadline for this research proposal is May 9th 2016 2359 hrs 
Anyone on Earth (AOE) timezone. However, what we expect is just a best effort 
submission and not a perfect submission. The goal of ASSET is to *help students 
improve*. Thus, we will be very generous in accepting their research proposals 
(the grammar, structure, content etc. does not need to be perfect). If a little 
more time to submit a proposal is needed, please let me know. We have some 
leeway (just a few days only though) here as well.

Please help spread the news about ASSET among students and encourage them to 
submit their research proposals!
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