SocialWell is a social enterprise focused on bringing ICT innovations to
improve existing business process or create new ones in the social sector.
We bring together data analytic, big data, the web, mobile, social sciences,
medicine, and social marketing expertise. In particular, our team has been
successful in using open source, enterprise-grade, and scalable web
technologies in low-resource settings in India.


We are developing products that will require leaders in these two products
using Android and sensors.


Android Project Manager: Android project manager should be able to handle
the entire development life cycle, preferably with 7 years of java/ j2ee
development experience that includes 3 years of development experience in
Android OS. Should have used commonly used libraries, plus able to define
and add security layers. For this project, a key requirement is the ability
to use device's all communication channels and protocols. Degree in
engineering/ computer science/ relevant disciplines required.


Senior Engineer, Sensors: Currently our work focuses on using environmental
sensors. The candidate will be required to evaluate existing and new sensors
in the market in the light of their performance, schedule, cost for
deployment in developing country contexts. Candidate will plan and lead
embedding, integration, testing, and deployment of the sensor platforms,
develop partnerships with university R&D labs, incubators, and startup
working in these areas. A degree in electrical engineering/ computer
science/ relevant disciplines required.


Location: Bhubaneswar, India Or home-based

Estimated start date: September 2016 or later


Please note these positions are contingent upon award by the donor. Selected
candidates will be required to sign a consent to submit their CVs with
potential donors, availability for the project, and the clause on conflict
of interest.


Should you have any questions, please address them to Atanu Garai (email:


Atanu Garai

SocialWell Technologies

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